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Michael Thomas, so much to answer for

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Looking at the world through X-Ray eyes
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Graffiti: Graffiti is a type of deliberate marking made by humans on surfaces, both private and public. It can take the form of art, drawings, or words. Ancient graffitists scratched their work into walls before the advent of spray-paint.

Once upon a time, a man called Michael Thomas managed to annoy quite a few people around Manchester. For a period of about three months, you could see statements such as "Michael Thomas is a Sh#t," "Michael Thomas is a homophobic queer" and my personal favourite "Michael Thomas f#cked your mother and then he cried" on phoneboxes, cash machines and street signs across the city. At the time I regretted not having a camera to capure it in its full glory. Then Manchester City Council came and washed it all off. I never found out what happened to Michael Thomas.

Hence myxrayeyes. It's for photographs of all the beautiful and strange graffiti; bizarre slogans, phrases and proclamations daubed on bus stops and toilet doors, declarations of love and loss, pictures created in spraypaint on the sides of run down buildings, the comedy stylings of some drunken chancer on a poster in the middle of a tube station. The more obtuse the better frankly.

Have fun. Play nice. x

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